Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Secret Police set up in Russia from 1954-1991. The name is an abbreviation for State Security. They were set up for internal security, intelligence and secret police. There was much mystery behind the group and they were often known to kill innocent people. Made famous with Stalin who would kill anyone that he felt would attack his power. They were known for many mass killings including the great purge in 1936. The KGB is also famous for the cold war and the red scares were anyone thought to be communist was sent out of teh country.

Suggestions for Future of Putin's Russia

The main goal of Russia will be to work on its current issues. It needs to work on helping the lower classes so that they do not regret leaving the Soviet Union. They need to work on their economy which has been slacking. A major problem they need to work on is modernization and advancing the whole country and creating a larger middle class. This will help to stimulate the economy and advance democracy. Once this happens the West will recognize them as more of a part of themselves. Once they help the people then the country will begin to grow and advance as a whole. Putin worked to help the people when he said that it may not have been in the best interest of the average citizen to end the Soviet Union.

Putin Faces Challenges of Russia Today

Putin came into power as many problems in Russia were growing. The ruble was devalued since 1998 which made it crucial for demand of domestic goods. Putin was popular but only due to the bad leaders that were before him. The country needed to cut its foreign debts. Many believe that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the wrong choice. They believe that they are the same as they were before the fall. They have had many problems with losing ties with the west and becoming a democracy. Especially under Putin he said that the average Russian gained little from the switch from the Soviet Union.

Importance of Russian Military Under Lenin

The Russian military has been very important ever since the start of Lenin. It is the military power that was able to lead to him taking power. In the coup the army took the side of the Bolsheviks and he was able to gain his post as the leader. Also in the 1917 civil war the army fought to take control. Throughout the history of Russia many wars have changed the course of history including WWI and WWII. The Russians were the deciding factor in these battles with such large populations being able to fight. It has always been a superpower in the world and has the largest stockpile of nuclear arms. Every Male in Russia from 18-27 is required to serve a year in the military. Lenin would have used the military to get whatever he wanted just throughout much of Russian history. Millions of people were sent to die for the country in something that wasnt even their battle just like under Lenin.

Reasons for the Collapse of Communism Under Lenin

The communist system started out bad in the beginning ever since Lenin took control after the revolution in 1917. A civil war broke out between the communist reds and the rebellious whites in 1922. This cost the lives of 15 million Russians and billions in roubles. Under Lenin one of the largest communist nations was started soon after this. It was started with the Bolsheviks and called the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. It lasted untill the coup'detat in 1991. It was the world’s first socialist state after the Russian Revolution took control of the government. There were many threats throughout Russian history including costly military growth, economy at standstill. These all started in 1985 and were blamed on the communist state. The final blow was Gorbachev letting other political parties exist in 1989. These parties took away the vanguard status and Gorbachev officially lost power in 1991 during a coup.

Lenin and the 1917 Revolution

1917 Russian Revolution- When Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown by Lenin and the Bolsheviks. This started with the February Revolution which was over poor working conditions, democratic ideas from the west, harsh treatment of peasants and anger towards the tsar over many items including the Russo-Japanese war. In World War I caused many people to hate the Tsar for sending so many Russians to their deaths. Then on February 23rd 1917 the Women’s Day Festival in St. Petersburg begin to morph into a protest as people came out to protest food shortages. The military was sent to stop the protest, however they were no longer loyal to the throne and many died. The problem grew worse and the Tsar soon gave up the throne to his brother Michael in October. He wouldn't accept it without authorization from the Duma and soon Russia was without a head of state. When Lenin heard of the revolution he returned in April from his home in Switzerland to take control of the Bolshevik party. In October he planned to overtake the provisional government and soon gained control without fighting.

Joseph Stalin and Social Problems

Joseph Stalin is known for his Great Purge, or also called The Great Terror. Stalin's Great Terror was a very effective, if not the most effective way of inducing fear into now only the citizens of the Soviet Union, but the military, Red Army leadership, and government officials as well. This exercise of a great massive purging of anyone created great paranoia with the people of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands of victims were falsely accused of various political crimes like sabotage, anti-Soviet agitation, wrecking, and espionage.